Go borderless with the Canada+US Share Everything plan.

For: new and existing customers

With the Canada+US Share EverythingTM plan, you can stay connected, worry-free, across Canada and the US. Talk, text and use your plan’s data just like you do at home. One plan that keeps you confidently connected across two countries.

* If removed from the customer’s account, a Canada+US plan cannot be reactivated on the same line for 12 months. Additional airtime, data, long distance, roaming, add-ons, provincial 9-1-1 fees (if applicable) and taxes are extra and billed monthly. On the Rogers Network, in an Extended Coverage area or in the U.S., excluding calls made through Call Forwarding, Video Calling or similar services. Plan includes calls from Canada and the U.S to Canadian and U.S. numbers only. Usage exceeding plan allotment charged in increments of $10/100 MB rounded up to next 100 MB. Includes messages sent from Canada or the U.S. to email addresses or Canadian, U.S. and international wireless numbers. Sent/received premium messages and messages sent while roaming outside the U.S. extra. If you currently subscribe to a Share Everything plan, changing your primary line plan to an in-market plan will require that all secondary lines also be migrated to in-market plans and pricing.